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A basic rp site for now.
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 Maik Howaito

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Maik Howaito


Male Number of posts : 52
Age : 27
Location : In the Mr. Buggy cave! *danananaanana*
Signum Colour : White
Command Phrase : Release:Purify yourself, Shiro. Recall: The world has been purified! Recall your essence, Shiro!
Registration date : 2008-01-20

PostSubject: Maik Howaito   Sun Jan 20, 2008 5:15 am

Name:Maik Howaito

Age:(No younger then 11)16

Affiliation:: (Evil, good, neutral)Err, neutral i think

Village: (these are not all finished yet, if you have any suggestions for a village pm me about it)Zanark plz >_>

(i asume you dont want me spamming the page with a picture)
(and just ignore the wierd thing the guy in that pic is holding T_T)

Signum Name: (All this will be edited after your Signum is approved)Shiro

Signum color:white

Signum Command Phrase:Purify yourself, Shiro

Signum release form: (Takes the form of a weapon)looks like the sword in this pic:

Signum abilities:
-'Kiyomi', fires a white tsunami-ish ray out of hands and when hits enemies heart or brain will purify them to dust
-'Howaido Toku', creates a barrier of white energy around user(cant attack while in the barrier)
-'Shiroi Hen', purifys the users area within a 30 yard range by whitening it all. while stepping on the area, enemies will feel constant pain(but they can always jump atop a tree or something)

Signum Summoning Appearance:

Signum Fusion Appearance:

Sample RP post: I looked down at my hand and sighed. "Why me.." I mumbled to myself as i looked at a theif running down the street with a bag full of money. "..Cant be helped..." i mumbled again as i pointed my right hand towards the theif's head. The theif came to a halt and stared at me with a strange look on his face. "Kiyomi...Be purified..." a white ray shoots out from my right hand as the theif is turned to dust and the bag of money drops to the ground. I hear the sound of police alarms as i dash off, leaving the police to find a bag of money atop a pile of dust.
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Female Number of posts : 34
Age : 27
Registration date : 2008-01-20

PostSubject: Re: Maik Howaito   Sun Jan 20, 2008 5:30 am

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Maik Howaito
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