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 Untaru Adun Character Creation

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Signum Colour : Dark Red, Bloodlike color
Command Phrase : "Murder is an exquisite art, and I am a grand artist"
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PostSubject: Untaru Adun Character Creation   Thu Dec 18, 2008 7:07 am

Name:Untaru Adun

Age: 14(No younger then 11)

Affiliation: Evil: (Evil, good, neutral)

Village: (these are not all finished yet, if you have any suggestions for a village pm me about it)

Appearance: avatar

Signum Name: Aaron (All this will be edited after your Signum is approved)

Signum color: Dark Red, Bloodlike Color

Signum Command Phrase: "Brush paint your strokes today."

Signum release form: (Takes the form of a weapon)

Signum abilities: Multiple strike= multiple throwing knives are thrown when one is thrown.
Overkill= throwing knife goes into body and stays and thrashes until victim is dead
Maximize= enlarges throwing knife until enemy is killed
Trance= The sight of the throwing knife will cause enemy to hallucinate
Takeover= When hit by the throwing knife the enemys wound from the knife will heal and it will have a slight chance to turn the enemy so it attacks others, if there are no others around he recovers to fight again, when he finishes attacking if he is still alive, he recovers

Signum Summoning Appearance:

Signum Fusion Appearance:

Sample RP post:"Sitting in the tree, i hear footsteps coming towards me. Drawing my throwing knife, i whisper my prayer before I kill."
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Untaru Adun Character Creation
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