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 Ashley Rosalina Tori's AutoBiography [Unfinished]

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PostSubject: Ashley Rosalina Tori's AutoBiography [Unfinished]   Sun Jan 20, 2008 10:45 am

Prolouge: This is taking place in the capital of Yamato, at the palace were the former emperor, Kuzco is having his daughter with his beautiful wife, Misaki. It was a bright summer morning and the baby was born, they named her “Ashley” and scratched the kanji of her name onto a necklace Misaki gave her. This is the history about the current empress of Yamato and how she got the position.

Chapter 1-The Horrible Death

9 year old, Ashley ran towards the castle at a great speed. She zoomed right passed the guards and to her parents bedroom. She opened the great golden doors and her eyes saw a horrible view. Her parents were dead, blood all over them and killed on the bed. Ashley yelled “GUARDS!!! ME NEEDS HELP!” The guards all ran in and gasped. Guard #1 said, “Who did this terrible crime?” Guard #2 says “ Nobody was in the castle except all us guards, that means someone of the guards did it. All the guards did shifty eyes. Ashley pointed at Guard #7 and said “Ish Him, I knows it!” Guard #7 says “Ashley, stop being denial!” Guard #11 said, “ Didn’t she point at random guards last time and they got executed?” “Yea!” said Guard #12.”Lets Bag Her!” said most of the guards as they lunged at Ashley. Release From My Field of Tiger Lillies! You May Enter and See The Beautiful Ashley! Her flaming katana appeared in her hand and she slashed at the guards keeping them away. She jumped out the window with her flaming katana and ran to the forest.

Chapter 2-Hiding Out
Ashley hid in a tree house she made before. She gathered the things she carried, put some berries into a basket and headed out of Yamato. She got to the end of Yamato where a beach resides. She rented a mini-boat and went to ride out of Yamato. She was on the boat for hours, eating the berries and drawing with sticks and stones until an unexpected storm happened. Ashley crawled down into the cramped area that she could stay dry and ate the last of her berries

Chapter 3-The Storm

Ashley took out a blanket and curled up into a ball and stood in the cramped area. She had enough space to spread out her legs and still keep them dry but the ceiling of the cramped area could flood any time soon. Ashley rested in the area for a good time then looked out of the cramped area to see that the storm had gotten worst. Ashley curled up even more and took out a thermos which contained hot cocoa. She was going to save it for later but she needed it. She drank it down and felt the warmness throughout her body. She said “Chocolate equals power!” The guards who took S.S Lady Luck were following her. She saw the boat coming from an eastern angle. She drew her flaming katana and got ready for battle, knowing the storm would drain out her flame she didn’t care. Ashley jumped out onto deck and waited for them to attack. The guards surronded her boat and she charged at Guard #3 head-on.
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PostSubject: Re: Ashley Rosalina Tori's AutoBiography [Unfinished]   Thu Dec 18, 2008 7:18 am

not bad but does have some room for improvement. no offense ( my moms an english teacher so i gotta be good at english, plus i read a crapload of books)
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Ashley Rosalina Tori's AutoBiography [Unfinished]
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