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 Known Zanark Technology

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Maik Howaito


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PostSubject: Known Zanark Technology   Sun Jan 20, 2008 9:30 am

((admins feel free to deny/approve))


Genetic enchancer- A full body armor peice that only has protection equal to that of a led vest, but when the armor is left on for a at least 24 hours, it will recognize the users DNA and 'fuse' with the user. The armor is specificly designed to alter the user's DNA once fused, giving a permanent boost in strength, stamina, dexterity, intelligience, and agility. But, the body is known to reject the armor as if it were an organ transplant. As such, the users lifespan can be shortened to immiedite death or from 10-30 years.

Automail- Taking the idea from FMA, this is used on soldiers who lost limbs in a war or fight.

Mounted Base- This 'gamble' based armor covers the whole body with a metal reinforced beyond belief, unimaginable to those who havent attacked it first hand. But, this armor is so heavy, the user must be mounted to the ground on a rotatable disc. Giving an absolute defense to most attacks, agility is lossed, thus it becomes a human turret.


Poison Slum Launcher- You heard me, poison slum launcher... Using the base of a rocket launcher, instead of shooting bigass rockets, capsules are filled with a sticky poisonous slum that will disintegrate what it touches on contact while releasing a poisonous gas into the air.

Paralysis Pistol- This pistol fires a strange bullet, that disentegrates itself on top of the enemies skin, releasing a virus into their blood, the virus is a man made machine with the knowledge of the human blood system, muscle layout, and nervous system. This virus' have an exact purpose programmed to them, half will target the muscles, half will be beant on reproducing in the enemies blood cells. The half that target the muscles will se there knowledge of the muscle layout to latch onto the enemies muscles and begin 'chewing' away at the muscles. This will tear and destroy the muscle tissue, causing intense pain and making movement literly impossible.

Self Implosion Pistol{SIP}- The name basically says it. The bullet it fires is designed to latch onto whatever it comes in contact with, and literlly implode it and whatever it latched onto. The bullet does have a glitch, it cannot latch onto human skin. More than less designed for imploding a large building, aircract, etc.


Model 237, nicknamed "The Silent Strike"- A small airship, the size of a two story house, it comes attached with a cloaking device and sacrifices large cannons for extreme agility and speed.
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Known Zanark Technology
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