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 Signum Facts

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PostSubject: Signum Facts   Sun Jan 20, 2008 4:33 am

Signum are the crystallized form of a Reincarnated soul. Often when a person is loved so much during there life and they pass away the memories of their loved ones can make their spirit linger in the Astral plane. This makes the spirit leave behind traces of itself which are then scooped up by another soul about to be born.

The soul which is just born at that very moment is born with a strange gem stone etched into the back of their hands, these are called Signum. They can be all colors and sizes, but usually they take the shape of a small jewel or diamond. So that the Signum does not tear the skin the baby is immediately taken into a surgical room where a edge is burnt and molded into their skin like a holder, the Signum can never be removed at this point.

Now onto the Signum abilities, all Signum have a range of abilities, even if they came from ordinary souls while being in the Astral plane they absorb energy. This is most commonly known as Magic, or in technological terms when applied to machines, Magi.

A Signum's color usually represents their owners inner personality. Such as if the user was a happy go lucky person it may be a light green or perhaps are dark yellow. If the user however had a evil or dark inner personality their gem may have the colors such as Grey or perhaps darker. It has never been known for a Signum to be completely black. Some Signum's may be multiple colors in a swirl like pattern.

Signum's while able to use magic can also contain their own personality, which is able to speak into their masters mind directly, when a Master and Signum are in perfect unison the Master can call forth this personality directly, resulting in a summoned creature. These Summoned creates could taken any form imaginable, some Signum have even been known to take the form of mystical creatures such as Dragons or Leviathans, though those were in the cases of extremely powerful Signum's. The strongest Master on record was even able to summon his Signum into a human form.

When in summoned form and A Master's life is put in the utmost danger the Signum may enter a stage of evolution in which it duplicates it's gem form into the Master's forehead, linking the user and Signum completely. This will create a astral like form over the human body for a moment before it is armored and warps into a fusion of the Signum's summoned form and the human.

Later in life if a Master were to have his Signum removed from his body forcibly, the Signum in a effort to protect it self would consume it's master's soul and create a beast known as "The fallen". They take many shapes and sizes and usually appear as a sort of warped version of the Signum's original summoned form. These creates only have two sets of mind, the first is to seek out other Signum, they usually target ones weaker then there original as too ensure a easy victory, the 2nd is to consume the flesh of innocents, this keeps their own flesh from rotting away as they slowly decompose.
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Signum Facts
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