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 Zal Hinkamaru

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PostSubject: Zal Hinkamaru   Sun Jan 20, 2008 7:43 am

Name:Zal Hinkamaru

Age:I am 15

Affiliation:: Nuetral

Village:None, I am a outlaw to everyone

Appearance:I have brown hair with red stripe through them. A katana or a 6 foot blade on my back. I have a black cloak with symbols across it. I have baggy jeans that fit good with a belt and a Black shirt that goes over my belt.

Signum Name: Hisaman

Signum color:Black, gray, and white with edged in green marks

Signum Command Phrase:Secome, Hisaman

Signum release form:Is a long 7 foot blade that the blade is a swirl of black and gray and the hilt is white with green emerald looking things in it.

Signum abilities:
-The blade can stretch longer or shrink to a shorter length for a estimated 10 minutes.
-The blade has a poison that goes through artery's and veins blocking the blood temporarily
-Cn gain speed with at least 1000CP or will lose 1/10 of his health.
-Life replenish:10,000CP=2000HP
-Destruction:Kills all opponents including self surrounding me.
-Gain CP:2000HP=10,000CP
-SP gain:Only able to replenish or gain if I'm at the edge of defeat.

Signum Summoning Appearance:It appears as a demon with a wing span of 25 feet and the height is 7'2" and the wings are black with Grey claws and the have claws that are Grey. There are horn that are about half a foot and the body is fit. Hand are claws and hair stretches down its back-

Signum Fusion Appearance:When i fuse with my signum I have a tail that has spikes at the end wings that have a 10 foot wing span and my toenails grow to claws that are greyish black. fingure nails turn to claws and hair grows to about 3 feet long.
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PostSubject: Re: Zal Hinkamaru   Sun Jan 20, 2008 9:59 am

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Zal Hinkamaru
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